Vicky Franchino

Welcome to Caffeine Clarity! I’m your “hostess” for the site and thought I’d kick things off my answering my own questions. Interested in having a cup of coffee (or the caffeine of your choice) with me? Just email me at Looking forward to making the world a better place with you.

My day job is working as a freelance writer. I love telling people’s stories and this job has been a great fit for me and for my family (and, I hope!, for my clients).

My most memorable caffeine was quite terrible! If you were a college student back in the dark ages before there were things like lattes on every corner and coffee came in a silly size called “grande,” you might remember two things: coffee out of a vending machine and hot pots. The former was located at college libraries—you put in your quarter or maybe even 50 cents—and out came a thick blackish/brown slurry followed by a blast of hot water—the latter was a glorified teapot that quickly heated water and allowed you to make a cup of instant coffee (brand of choice, Sanka) in your dorm room. Let’s just say that things are much better today.

My current caffeine of choice is iced and cold brewed with half and half (and a little raw sugar) if the temperature is above 70 (above 60 in the spring when we Wisconsinites are desperate for something to call “warm”) and some kind of dark roast with cream otherwise.

My favorite place for caffeine is a tough choice! I’ve been enjoying the Colectivos on Monroe Street this summer (home of the aforementioned cold brewed coffee) and always like the big open space (and good coffee) at Barriques across from Trader Joes.

The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is Pope Francis. I’m in awe of his compassion and humility and would love to spend some time with him.

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine. There are so many that it is really overwhelming to try to pick just one. In my ideal world there would be no Alzheimer’s or cancer, no one would go to bed hungry, there would be a lot more tolerance and every one would feel like the world could potentially be their oyster. A tall order, but I’m willing to consume the caffeine needed to make it happen!