Carolyn Averill

My day job is director of advancement at St. Paul University Catholic Center on campus. I’m involved in fundraising and outreach to benefactors who support the availability of sacraments and many formational programs for students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Edgewood College and Madison College.

My most memorable caffeine was two years ago when I was visiting a friend in Rome over Thanksgiving. In Italy, coffee is sometimes more functional than social, but my friend had found a lovely place where you could sit down, take your coat off and really savor the experience. It was very Parisian! We followed that up by having our Thanksgiving meal at the American Catholic Seminary in Rome with other expatriates. There’s something unique about celebrating a holiday that’s special to you in a place where it has no meaning. It gave me a chance to truly reflect on the meaning of the holiday and in the company of good friends for whom I am very thankful.

My current caffeine of choice is either espresso or something bold, dark and black as night! I want to taste the coffee and not have the flavor doctored in any way. I never drank coffee in college but I was introduced to espresso on a trip to Milan. I was staying with a friend and his mother asked if I’d like coffee and I told her I didn’t drink coffee—she said it was simply that I hadn’t had a good coffee before! Her espresso (Lavazza) was the coffee that I “grew up” on!

My favorite place for caffeine in Madison is Colectivo, though I also love buying Just Coffee to make cold brew/French press at home. If I could pick anywhere in the world, I’d have a double espresso at Sant’ Eustachio in Rome.

 The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is Jimmy Fallon. To me he’s the epitome of what an entertainer should be. I love his exuberance! Too many entertainers pride themselves on being cynical or ironic or smarter than whomever they’re with. He’s someone I could see being friends with!

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine: Helping everyone to find their niche, their way to be the best version of themselves. I see so many university students who want to be changed for the better and are open to this change. What if we could create a world where each person was working to serve the common good and getting the guidance and leadership training they need to draw that out of themselves? Investing in young people who will soon be leaders in many parts of society has a truly amazing multiplicative effect.