Dan Hoover

My day job is vice president of operations for Blue Maple property management and executive director of the Hoover Family Foundation.

My most memorable caffeine is simply going to “new to me” coffee shops. The last one I tried was A-OK on E. Wash in Madison. It’s a fun space in a refurbished bank.

My current caffeine of choice is nothing special—just good, regular coffee.

My favorite place for caffeine is Colectivo on Monroe St. I love the openness, especially in the summer when they pull up the big garage-type doors.

The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is Idris Elba. He was great on The Wire—I joke that I have to mention that show at least once a day!—and also on Luther. And, yes, he gets my vote to be the next James Bond.

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine: Mass incarceration. We need to be in a continuing dialogue—both about why this is happening and how we can work together in our community to address it.