Marnie Gerkhardt

My day job is innovation manager at Filene Research Institute. My role is to oversee our i3 (ideas, innovation, implementation) program, which is where we prototype and lab test new concepts in the financial services space to see if they’re worth investing in at a more comprehensive level.

My most memorable caffeine was the first time I had “good” coffee. It was in Seattle in 2007 although I don’t remember the name of the coffee shop! It was my first experience with a frothy coffee with a design—and my first experience where I remember truly appreciating the taste of the coffee. My “ah-ha” moment. I love to try new things and I’m a big believer in the idea of that you’ll come together with the right person/place/experience at the right time. That coffee experience influenced my desire to explore great food and helped convince me to dive in and start my food blog. My pocketbook hasn’t quite recovered from that!

My current caffeine of choice has just the right amount of cream—I do it by color!

My favorite place for caffeine is a toss-up between Crema Café and Colectivo.

The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is my fiance’s biological father. He passed before my fiancé was born—and while I couldn’t imagine Michael (my groom-to-be) growing up with a more amazing father than his stepfather, John — I’ll always wonder what idiosyncrasies Mark passed on to Michael that make Michael the man I fell in love with and, someday, acknowledge in our children. Also, he had a reputation for being the life of the party, so I’m sure he’d have some great stories to tell!

 World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine: Two big ones come to mind: student loan debt and income disparity. I see both of them in my job on a nearly daily basis. I’m heartened by the little solutions that I see all around me, but frustrated by the challenges that so many people face in these areas.