Stephanie Rogers

My day job is being mom to five kids and serving on the board of American Mothers. This is a non-profit started by FDR’s mom, among others, that’s dedicated to honoring, serving and educating mothers. Most people don’t know they’re the organization behind Mother’s Day. Their goal is to elevate the role of motherhood and support women in all their endeavors. I’m currently involved in local efforts to help mothers living in halfway houses, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience.

 My most memorable caffeine happened one day at Costco. I was out without any of the kids—which means that I had a long to-do-list!—and stopped for a Diet Coke. I must have really needed that Diet Coke because a nice older gentleman came up to me after I took my first big sip to tell me that it was worth coming to Costco to see how much I enjoyed my drink!

 My current caffeine of choice is a dirty Diet Coke—half a lime plus sugar-free coconut syrup. Try it!

My favorite place for caffeine is Chick-fil-A! Here’s why: They have the perfect amount of carbonation in their fountain drinks (I am a connoisseur on this, trust me!) plus there’s a playland for the kids. What could be better?

The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is my great grandmother, Iradell Branham. I come from a long line of strong women and to this day my mother and grandmother—and everyone who ever knew her—talk about Iradell like she was a saint. Their nickname for her was “Mommy” and she had 10 kids, five girls and five boys. I’ve heard amazing stories of her kindness, her faithfulness and her work ethic. I’d love to sit down with this country woman who had little education and few of the opportunities that women today can take for granted and learn how she did it!

 World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine: Anything—as long as you put moms on the job. With the right amount of caffeine I think they could solve everything from problems with the economy to the refugee crisis. I see it with the 10 moms we’re helping here locally, how one small thing snowballs and makes a huge difference. So I say, let’s load the moms up on caffeine and see what they can do!