Patti Hartwick

My day job is working at the Wauwatosa Historical Society. I do mostly administrative jobs like memberships, memorials and tributes and event planning for fund raising but also act as docent, library research assistant and sometimes volunteer coordinator.

My most memorable cup of coffee was with my Mom at an outdoor cafe in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We were having breakfast, looking out at the Blue Mountains while sipping Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. I took some Blue Mountain coffee beans home but the flavor was somehow not the same.

My current caffeine of choice is Colectivo’s Guatemalan. My everyday go-to though is Valentine Coffee Roasters Columbian—always pleasant and smooth.

My favorite place for Java ¬†would be Colectivo on the Capitol Square and Valentine’s Tasting Room in Milwaukee on Vliet Street (right next door to Cold Spoons Gelato and two blocks from the Soup Market!).

The person I always enjoy sharing java-time with is my dear friend through thick, thin and “the Pact,” (we must eventually move to Wisconsin together) Vicky.

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine: Most any problem can be (seemingly) solved given the right amount of caffeine and, hence, supreme focus and clarity!