Dustin Moore

My day job is working as a mechanical engineer.

My most memorable caffeine was drinking coffee on the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. I started out using a combination of a French press and a Jet Boil (a mini water heater for camping) but quickly realized that while the coffee was tasty, the clean-up was a huge hassle (and took a lot of filtered water!). I switched to instant coffee—Starbucks Via is great as are Iced Coffee Instants, which I could drink cold.

My current caffeine of choice is often plain, black coffee. I forced myself to get used to straight coffee, because then you can drink it anywhere! When it’s available I like some cream and sugar as a treat.

My favorite place for caffeine is no place in particular! I don’t tend to go out for coffee per se. I usually just drink it at home or work or as part of a meal in a restaurant.

The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is Leonardo da Vinci and a translator! How awesome would it be to share a cup of coffee with him as he experienced the modern world. I know he’d be fascinated by all the changes that have occurred in the last  500 years and it would be fun to share that with him.

(Check out some of da Vinci’s artwork here! Thanks to our friends at Artsy.net)

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine: Finding a way to give more people access to bikes. This could help to address transportation issues in many places, get people outside and be a way to tackle increasing problems with obesity. I’d love to see programs that provided places for people to drop off their used bikes so they could be repaired and given to others, and showed people how to fix their own bikes. I’d complement this with helmet and accessory programs.