Mary Zinn

My day job is owner of Circle M Marketing and I’m also a consultant with CLIMB United—a marketing cooperative.

My most memorable caffeine is at the world’s best place for coffee: Martha Brothers in the Bay area. There is just nothing else like it. It’s so strong—and I love good, strong coffee! My husband and I still talk about this coffee because nothing else can compare!

My current caffeine of choice is plain, black coffee. I used to take my coffee with cream, but this summer my family spent 10 weeks visiting all the national parks in an RV. There wasn’t always cream to be had so I got used to drinking coffee without it. Tea was my “gateway” beverage to cream-free coffee!

My favorite place for caffeine is Fifth Element Coffee on Old University. It just opened this summer and it’s a great place. Quiet, nice big tables, excellent coffee and a good vibe. It’s my “coffice!”  (coffee office).

The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is you! I believe in enjoying one cup at a time and focusing on the person I’m with!

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine: Local hunger. I read an article called The Invisible Faces of Hunger in Madison Magazine about hunger in Dane County and it just haunted me. One of the groups profiled in the article was the River Food Pantry (the County’s largest food pantry). I started investigating and learning more about what the Pantry does and the people they serve and I was so humbled and amazed at the need and the role the Pantry is playing in our community. I decided to try to do something and last year I worked with the Pantry to launch Fun on Ice. Last year we had about 200 attendees and raised $2000—we hope to double that this year. It’s on Feb. 13 from 1pm-4pm—check it out! No one should have to go hungry in our community and the River Food Pantry is making a difference in so many ways.