Marie and Johnny Justice

Our day job is being founders and co-owners of Justice & Justice Productions, a firm that specializes in documentaries, photography and branding, with a focus on using our creativity to help drive change. We’ve got some exciting upcoming and recent projects including Walk a Mile in Their Shoes, which is a documentary that showcases six people from marginalized communities, We Are Icons, a calendar/video/book project that we’re launching to help redefine perceptions of beauty and our work with the Intentionally Welcoming Community. Marie is also the newest host on Discover Wisconsin—the country’s longest running tourism show.

My most memorable caffeine (Marie) Is dark chocolate—it feeds my soul! I convinced myself that dark chocolate was “healthy” to the point where it was getting a little crazy. Having a special hiding spot from the kids and my husband was my sign that things had tipped! I decided to go on a 30-day detox and now I’m able to have chocolate in moderation again.

(Johnny) My most memorable caffeine is the hot chocolate my mom would make after I’d been outside playing in the snow. Moms always seem to know exactly when to get the hot chocolate ready. I have a vivid memory of coming in from the cold, wearing my wet snowsuit, taking off my boots and having that hot chocolate waiting for me.

My current caffeine of choice is chocolate for Marie—“I used to be a ‘social’ coffee drinker but now I stick with tea, usually herbal—while Johnny likes coffee every morning and prefers to go out for his. “The coffee is better than what I’d make at home, plus I always see people and have a chance to catch up.”

My favorite place for caffeine would be any of the great local spots: Barriques on Park St., the Lakeside Street Coffee House are two places we go to a lot. We really like to support local businesses and the local economy.

 The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is hard to pick! (Johnny got to choose first and Marie said she’d just like to join his table). I’d love to have a cup of coffee with three of my family members who are no longer with us: my parents and my twin brother.

Outside my family, I’d pick Bob Marley—he was an “old soul” and an incredible musical presence. I’d also pick Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X. Garvey saw the oppression of black people around the globe and the value of coming together to address it—he was really the first person to do that. He lived a very simple, no-frills life and overcame a lot, like becoming an amazing speaker when he had a terrible problem with stuttering, to be a voice for people of color.

Most people know of Malcolm X, but they don’t really know much about him and he tends to get a bad rap. I greatly appreciate that he was humble enough to admit his mistakes and to evolve as he gained more knowledge or awareness.

Two other people I’d like to sit down with are Nat Turner and John Brown, two abolitionists who were willing to sacrifice everything for what they believed in.

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine:  (Johnny) I’d like to get rid of capitalism—I think it puts a focus on profit regardless of how it affects people. (Marie) I’d like people to recognize how alike we are—for people to see our shared humanity regardless of our community, our culture or our country. I also think the world could benefit from some more female leaders: there would be a lot more empathy.