Nancy Saiz

My day job is grants administrator for the City of Madison in the Community Development Division. Our office is a funding source for local nonprofit agencies or interested start-up groups that run services and programs in a variety of areas related to employment, families, childcare, crisis, youth, employment and more.

I’m also a trauma specialist in the Crime Response Program for the district attorney’s office.

My most memorable caffeine was the coffee I consumed to get through the all-nighters that being a student on the UW-Madison campus demanded of me. I drank a lot of coffee, but one particularly memorable time I consumed a spoonful of instant coffee with a Coke to get through my day. I told the professor of my 8am class what I’d done and she kindly took pity on me and sent me home!

My current caffeine of choice is straight, black coffee. I have a family history of diabetes so first I cut out sugar in my coffee and then I cut out cream.

My favorite place for caffeine is anywhere, as long as it is alone or with good company

 The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is Juan Gabriel, who just died . He was a very famous Mexican singer and actor with a Sinatra-like presence. I’d love an opportunity to sit down and hear about his experience as a gay man in Mexican culture.

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine:  How to have better collaborations and partnerships. If people across the city of Madison—including businesses, non-profits and the government—could do a better job taking joint ownership and working together, that would go a long way toward solving the problems we face and saving money.