Shedd Farley

My day job is director of the Farley Center, a non-profit dedicated to peace, justice and sustainability. The Center started life as a family homestead—my parents, who were family physicians, dedicated their lives to making this a more just and desirable world and eventually turned our family home into this non-profit as a way to continue their efforts.

We’re living their mission today at the Farley Center in a number of ways. We make our land available to farmers from immigrant, minority and veteran communities, as well as those who are just beginning to learn about farming.

We also provide land for a food pantry garden—including a new perennial fruit garden—work with the Grow Academy (which is under the juvenile division of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections), have on-site beekeepers and recently opened the Natural Path Sanctuary, which is 25-acre preserve that’s been platted as a natural burial ground.

Our goal is to create social justice, food justice and environmental justice in a sustainable, peaceful and welcoming way.

My most memorable caffeine was the No-Doz ® that I sometimes chewed when studying for an exam in college, on the advice of my older brother. Those were pure caffeine, but what really kept you awake was the awful taste!

My current caffeine of choice is usually a cup of coffee with cream first thing and black coffee the rest of the day.

My favorite place for caffeine is usually either at home or at work. I used to live in a place where there was a Starbucks on every corner—sometimes right across the street from each other!—but now that I’m out in the country, there are a lot fewer coffee shops.

 The people I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with are, first of all, my parents, who are no longer living. We are a very close-knit family and we’d often go on vacations together. At some point we’d always end up sitting with Mom and Dad, drinking coffee and talking about politics and life. It would be wonderful to do that again.

I’d also love to have a cup of coffee with Barack and Michelle Obama. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Barack has done, but he’s been a remarkable president and Michelle has been a remarkable first lady.

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine:  Disparity in our justice system. There have been such obvious and intentional actions in the system that keep certain populations from achieving success. We can’t address any of the problems our country faces unless we solve this issue.