Jill Andersen

My day job is freelance copywriter at my own LLC, Chickpea Creative. I write everything, from traditional to digital: websites, email, social media, direct mail, display ads, video, catalogs.

Being a freelance writer for the past 11 years has been great—it’s given me the freedom and flexibility to develop a career that’s been a good fit for me. But recently I’ve decided to look for a staff position again. I’m ready to settle down, so to speak, and deep-dive into an organization. I’m out there looking for the right job now.

My most memorable caffeine was the first coffee I had, in college. It was at the IHOP that used to be near the curve on University Avenue—an area that’s now a canyon of high rises.

It was finals and I thought I’d get some coffee and study. Of course at IHOP they bring you your very own carafe of coffee. Because I’d never had coffee before, I didn’t really know what would happen if you kept drinking it for hours. That night I couldn’t get to sleep and I felt so sick and shaky—I was in tears knowing I needed to rest to take my finals. Let’s just say it was a good lesson.

My current caffeine of choice is Kicking Horse. It’s a very dark roast that I order in two-pound packages from Amazon. I use their Subscribe and Save feature—you save by subscribing to a monthly delivery of at least five products (check it out)—and get it delivered right to my door.

My favorite place for caffeine is my house. I love my ritual, although it’s relatively laborious. First, I turn a crank to hand grind about ¼ cup of beans—it’s a great arm workout. While I’m grinding, I boil water in my electric water kettle. Then I brew my coffee in an insulated stainless steel French press. But it’s small and only makes a cup and a half of coffee, so the insulated feature is wasted.

The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is my “conservative crush,” David Brooks. I find him so remarkably snobby in a way I somehow don’t find offensive. He’s one of the conservative voices that’s reasonable and does a good job bridging the divide between conservatives and liberals. I feel he could challenge some of my basic beliefs and it would be great to sit down and chat with him.

I’d also love to have coffee with William F. Buckley. He was incredibly brilliant and a master of polite debate. Things that are certainly in short supply at present.

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine:  gerrymandering. My caffeine clarity fantasy would involve persuasively arguing the necessity of resolving this issue in front of the Supreme Court. Both parties have played the gerrymandering game and until we resolve this problem our efforts to address challenges around voting and elections are going to be wasted.