Bartlett Durand

My day jobs are lawyer, with a focus on general business and litigation; business consultant; and business manager for Conscious Carnivore. The Conscious Carnivore is a whole animal butcher shop whose meat is locally sourced, organically raised and grass fed.

As a business consultant, my focus is on small entrepreneurs. My goal is to help them understand the realities they’ll face in this endeavor while maintaining the excitement they have about their dream. I try to fill in the hard parts—the challenges they might not be aware they face—and uncover and help them address their weaknesses. I enjoy helping small businesses succeed and their rate of success is much higher when they get this sort of help from the beginning.

At Conscious Carnivore, which was the retail outlet for my previous business, Black Earth Meats, I  handle operational things like personnel and the books. This allows the butcher to do what he does best, without having to worry about running the business.

My most memorable caffeine is the carefully concocted schedule I follow every day. A naturopath friend helped me better understand the half-life of caffeine and ever since then I’ve tried to moderate how much caffeine I drink and how I consume it. I start my day just drinking water—a tip I got from my son—followed by a half-caf, and than a fully caffeinated coffee about 10:30. This puts me in what I call “the magic hours,” during which I’m very productive! I have a green or iced tea with lunch and then I’m done with caffeine for the day.

Before I adopted this schedule, I drank three or four cups of coffee by breakfast time and then was just wrecked for the rest of the day. I used to describe myself as “unhappily addicted” to caffeine, but my wife pointed out coffee (and caffeine in general) wasn’t “bad” for you, and so it was ok to accept the dependence on the daily cup of coffee or tea. I’ve happily embraced that.

My current caffeine of choice is my signature half-caf made with a French press. I make it with Colectivo coffee, half and half, cinnamon and honey.

My favorite place for caffeine is my own front porch. There’s nothing more pleasant on a Sunday morning on a crisp fall day, when the kids are playing somewhere near by and perhaps a neighbor joins me as a quiet presence.

The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is Bishop Jackson Kemper.

Bishop Jackson Kemper  founded Nashotah House, which is an Anglican theological seminary and was the first place of higher education in Wisconsin. It was actually started before Wisconsin became a state.

The Bishop—who was my great-great-great grandfather —was known as “The Missionary Bishop.” He was sent to the frontier (eastern bank of the Mississippi) by the Episcopal Church and spent much of his time proselytizing to the Native Americans and forming partnerships with them. I’ve seen a picture where he’s wearing a tribal ceremonial necklace, which is a sign of the honor they accorded him.

The Bishop was a big believer in physical fitness and intellectual rigor along with strong faith. Sitting down to have a cup of coffee with him could either be incredibly intriguing or the opportunity for a lecture. I’m not entirely sure which!

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine: the loss of community in our society.

I believe when we lost churches as the dominating organizational principals, we lost a central unifying presence. These gave us a shared vision and affected the happiness of the community overall.

Without this, we’re so focused on our individual truths and visions and we have 350 million versions in the U.S. of what those look like. I’m not sure what the solution is, but I believe a shared vision would help unify us.