Rowan Childs

My day jobs are marketing manager for Iconica, and founder and executive director of the Madison Reading Project.

Iconica provides all the services that go into a commercial construction project, including architectural design, engineering, construction services and interior design. We’ve found that integrating this team streamlines the process and allows us to create a better, more cost-effective end result for our clients. As the marketing manager, I’m involved in every aspect of traditional and social media. Fun fact: I’m currently waiting to hear if I passed the FAA remote pilot certificate test—so look for us to incorporate some great drone shots in future marketing!

I created Madison Reading Project to put books into the hands of children who might not get them otherwise. I was inspired to start this after reading the Race to Equity report for Dane County. We work with a variety of different partners, including schools, non-profits and social agencies and serve children through sixth grade by distributing books and providing literacy programming. We gave away more than 10,000 books in 2016 and we’re on track to give away 25,000 this year.

Nothing beats seeing a child get the first book of their very own or hearing that a kid who doesn’t like to read found something that intrigued them.

My most memorable caffeine was the coffee I had with my dad on a trip to the Utengule coffee farm in Tanzania. My dad is a huge traveler and had already been to this farm in the past, which includes a lodge for visitors to stay at. Sitting with him, enjoying a cup of coffee made from beans grown on the farm and looking over the lush green view was magical.

My current caffeine of choice is an Americano or just a cup of plain black coffee.

My favorite place for caffeine is Barriques. There’s a location near our office and their coffee is just consistently good. If I’m looking for coffee and chocolate (or great food), I like Sjolinds in Mt. Horeb.

The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is my mom. She passed away a few years ago from ALS. I am always finding things I wish I could ask her.

 World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine:  is hard to pick—there are so many from climate change to racial inequality. It’s a painful process to rip off the band aid and address our problems, but in the long run we’re usually better for it.