Greg Mischio

 My day job is owner and chief strategist for Winbound. We provide content marketing, SEO and conversion optimization—our client sweet spot is companies with small marketing departments. I also had a satire blog called Alter the Course that I’m threatening to revive.

My most memorable caffeine was my first cappuccino in Burlington, Vermont on the campus.

My current caffeine of choice is none; I don’t do it anymore. I use Arbonne fizz sticks together with a detox tea and coconut oil.  Surprisingly pretty durned good.

My favorite place for caffeine. I do like cafes of any variety. But my favorite intake occurs in my home, with cat on the lap in the early morning hours, reading, reading, reading…

The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is ridiculously tough to choose.  Raymond Carver. John Cheever. John Updike. J.D. Salinger. The list goes on—any great writer. I’m very much in awe of these folks, so I would just sit there and listen and maybe even pick up the tab.

 World problems that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine:  I’m not sure caffeine would do it. Maybe more education would help, not caffeine. I’m of the mind that we should just get on with artificial intelligence and let the dang robots take over. I mean, who would you rather in power: Donald Trump or R2D2?