Lindsay Michelle Rogers

My day jobs are many. I am an Intuitive Healer, a Talk Show Host, an Insurance Agent, a Writer, a Yogi, a Dancer, a Superfood Guru and more. As the Owner and Creative Director of Lindsay Michelle, LLC, I work with men to dive deeper into the topics of Flesh, Feelings and Freedom, learning how they think, what makes them tick and what they truly want in life.

The MOMENTUM Talk Show, which stands for: Monumental Opportunities Manifesting Extraordinary New Times Upon Man (and Woman) kind, is a joy to host. It began as a complete download in early 2020 and has exploded into more than I could have ever imagined. Interviews with everyone from Energy Workers to Artists to Musicians and more!

Much of my work includes movement. I am a Yoga Instructor and the creator of Latin Dance Yoga. In 2019 I went to Costa Rica for Lila Flow 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Upon my return, I created a concept that incorporated dancing into my yoga classes. I have been dancing since age 2. From everything to Ballet, Tap and Jazz in Austin, Texas, to Ballroom Dance at UW-Madison to Sevillanas in Sevilla, Spain to Ecstatic Dance today on zoom.

Healthy Mama began back in 2015, after my daughter was born. I created this company as a way to help my daughter’s struggle with eczema. It was after earning my Raw Food Nutrition Certification that I learned about the benefits of Coconut Oil, which led to the creation of my first product: the Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub. I loved the antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits of Coconut Oil and it was great on my daughter’s skin! This led to many other creations such as Lip Balm, Candles, Massage Oil and more!

Reiki Energy Healing, Trauma Informed Healing and Past Life Regressions are the main channel of what I do. Reiki is a type of natural healing that helps people become balanced, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Reiki literally means Universal Life Force Energy. It improves the flow of energy by unblocking energy fields in the body. Traditionally, Reiki is done in person on a massage table; however, with COVID I do sessions virtually and next month will be a Master Teacher where I can teach classes online. Trauma Informed Healing is creating safer spaces for people to heal past traumas. Past Life Regressions are a way to connect to your past. What the client uncovers can be very powerful in their healing journey and help them make sense of or find answers to questions they may have been pondering for years.

Prior to all of this and right out of college, I became a Banker and Insurance Agent in Minneapolis, Chicago and Madison. To this day, I am a Licensed Insurance Agent with a great local company Glen Oaks Insurance Group where we help people with everything from life insurance to homeowners, business and auto insurance.

My most memorable caffeine story happened in Sevilla, Spain during study abroad. My teacher would take us down to the cafe during our breaks and we would order cafe con leche.

Café con leche is half coffee/half milk. It’s such a strong memory: the bustling sounds of activity, shimmying up to the bar in a crowded cafe to get your cafe con leche.

My current caffeine of choice is medicinal mushroom coffee from Four Sigmatic. They have a Chaga and Reishi coffee mix that you can make at home. It’s been comforting during COVID to be able to create some of my café favorites.

I also like Mexican hot chocolate—which has a little spice, a little kick—or a Mate Latte, which is green tea from Argentina, served  with a metal straw in a container made from a gourd.

My favorite place for caffeine is Colectivo.

The person I’d love to share a cup of caffeine with is

My father’s mother, Barbara Ann from Corpus Christi, Texas. I never really knew her, but she was a red-headed, twin, curly-haired baton twirler. I think we’re a lot alike and I have a lot of questions for her.

World problem that could be solved with the right amount of caffeine:

Answering that question I think a lot of us have: Why am I here? Each person has to think about their purpose for being here. I think of it like a light bulb inside our heart. My mission is to help people take a little cloth to that light bulb, and dust off anything that’s blocking their light from shining.

I truly believe that when each person embodies their gifts, they free others to do the same. We can all help each other find our gifts—that’s what I’m looking for.